Primary school – one day adventures

We have just had two lovely days in Windsor Great Park with the year 6 classes from St. Jude’s CofE primary school. They hiked close to 10km, in glorious weather, clambered over and under obstacles, jumped over streams, saw lots of wildlife, and clearly enjoyed the experience throughout. We then made pizzas for lunch followed by yummy ice cream in a cone. The children were a … Continue reading Primary school – one day adventures

15% sibling discount now available

Sibling discounts now available for our Summer Holidays Club We have decided to offer a 15% sibling discount on all bookings for our Summer Holiday’s club. We have been asked about this by a number of parents, and it’s important for any business to listen to it’s customers. If you have already booked places with the Green Outdoors this summer, don’t worry, you will also … Continue reading 15% sibling discount now available

Protecting the Environment

Recent studies in the US have shown that being outside offers a real life insurance for the environment. Children who play outdoors when they are young, grow up to be more conservation-minded. So, as adults, they care more about the wild things and places they’ve come to know and love as children, and will work to preserve them for future generations. When our children are adults, they will have to find … Continue reading Protecting the Environment