Summer Holidays Club

The Green Outdoors will be open for the first week of the Summer Holidays from Monday July 24th to Friday 28th. We have loads of great new activities planned for the children to aid health, wellbeing, fitness and improve self confidence. If your son or daughter is aged between 6 years old and 12, we would be delighted to welcome them along. This Summer, let’s … Continue reading Summer Holidays Club

Photo Gallery from the Half Term Club

The sun shone gloriously throughout the half-term week, and we enjoyed lots of adventures with our young charges. The children helped build a tremendous obstacle course using pioneering skills, prepared all their own food, learnt fire safety, built some tremendously sturdy shelters, hiked across the great park, up and down Coppers Hill and even went pond dipping. Phew… what a wonderful week… Continue reading Photo Gallery from the Half Term Club