About Us

Nigel: Dad, Beavers and Cubs leader, lover of wildlife, keen bird watcher, sports fan.
most likely to say “wow, a Pied Wagtail”
least likely to say “that picture needs more glitter”.

James: Dad, Cub and Scout leader, always outdoors and looking for the next sport to try.
most likely to say ‘it’s only a 6-mile hike”
least likely to say “I’m certain that’s a Reed Warbler”.

Jamie: Dad, Cubs & Scouts leader, resourceful, keen sense of fun, fisherman and runner.
most likely to say ‘We can definitely build that”
least likely to say “it’s only a 6-mile hike”.

Below is an example of the activities we would run throughout the week. Please note these activities are subject to change from day to day dependant on weather conditions so this is meant as a guide.

  • Fire lighting, scavenger map / map reading, wide games, cooking over fires (smores, marshmallows, sausages, dough twists, backwoods cookery), hikes to Windsor Castle through Windsor Great Park, knots, obstacle courses, shelter building, blind trails, bug hunts, small pioneering, making survival bracelets, camp quiz and more…..

The Green Outdoors team will provide food for the children. As part of our daily activities we provide all the children with a hot lunch, so there is no need for you to prepare a lunchbox. Throughout the day we also provide healthy snacks, fruit and drinks. For any children arriving between 8:00-9:00 we can offer a light breakfast of cereal, toast or fruit, and for those staying until 17:00-18:00 we will prepare a light tea.

Our daily itinerary is a well organised and challenging range of activities, set in a safe environment.