Welcome to The Green Outdoors! Our goal is simple, we want to get children outdoors, to take in some fresh air, to open their eyes to the wonders of nature, to get their hands dirty, to enjoy a challenging range of activities, to grow in confidence and to have fun.

Learning new skills, being outside, having adventures and making friends are invaluable and positive lessons in the development of all children.

Child splashing along a wet track in the woodland at Box Hill, Surrey.

Do you remember playing outside until Mum called you in for dinner? Today’s children probably won’t.

Over the last two decades, childhood has moved indoors. On average, children spend less than half an hour outdoors playing each day, but can spend over 5 hours in front of a screen.

This shift inside has affected the wellness of children, while obesity rates have doubled in the UK over the last 20 years.

A lot of children are out of shape, and stressed, because they’re missing something essential to their health and development: a connection to the natural world.

– Outdoor play increases fitness levels and builds active, healthy bodies.

– Spending time outside raises levels of Vitamin D, helping protect children from future bone problems, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues.

– Exposure to natural settings has been known to reduce ADHD symptoms.

– Exposure to nature-based education, significantly increases children’s performance on tests of their critical thinking skills.

– Children’s stress levels fall within minutes of seeing green spaces.

– Play protects children’s emotional development

Nature makes you nicer, healthier, more active and more confident….. let’s get Outdoors…