We are based in Englefield Green, Surrey, on the edge of Windsor Great Park. It is the perfect place for taking children on outdoor adventures.


We can offer the perfect mix of wide open spaces, history, wildlife and fun. To the east of our patch is Runnymede and the River Thames.

King John

This is the famous location where the Magna Carta (Latin: The Great Charter) was signed by a reluctant King John in 1215, a document that ushered in the rights of free men.


For the 800 year celebrations in 2015, Runnymede borough council commissioned sculptor Hew Locke to create 12 bronze chairs on the meadow that are symbols of law, equality and recreate historic struggles for freedom. The children always enjoy sitting on these.

The Jurors

The River Thames twists and turns invitingly from Old Windsor to the Runnymede Pleasure grounds and offers lovely tow-path hikes, the chance to catch the odd stickleback from the shallows and lots of wildlife including Swans, Red Kites, Water Vowel, Dragonflies and meadows full of wildflowers.

This area also includes the British memorial to President John F. Kennedy that was opened jointly by the Queen and Jacqueline Kennedy in 1965. The memorial tablet is inscribed with JFK’s inaugural address – “Let every Nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend or oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of liberty”. The land that the memorial sits on is still legally owned by the USA.


To the west of Englefield Green is Windsor Great Park. This amazing 5,000 acre park stretching between Surrey and Berkshire is full of glorious fauna and flora from around the world. You can see deer, pheasants, an amazing array of birds, and on Virginia Water, Mandarin, Grebes and Cormorants enjoy the bounty that the lake offers.


There are statues, the Cascade waterfall, Roman ruins, a 300ft Totem Poll, Smiths lawn, Obelisk Pond, Cow Pond, bridle paths, forests, lawns and glorious woodlands to explore. In essence, a paradise of play and discovery opportunities for young people.