We think the Green Outdoors is great, but don’t just take our word for it….

My 2 daughters aged 7 and 11 joined The Green Outdoors for the last two days of the week, and were welcomed with open arms. They came home full of chat about their day and couldn’t wait to go back again. I am delighted to have found a holiday club that suits my eldest daughter as well as my youngest.. and one which keeps them motivated, stimulated and enjoying the great outdoors which we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. Well done and thank you to the TGO team for your fantastic ideas and enthusiasm with the kids .. my girls can’t wait to come back!

Great and interactive days, mix of ages works really well for learning between them, very balanced in terms of free time and learning and my son was out of door before me every morning of the 3 days he attended and could not stop talking about all he did and learned. Managed very well by Nigel, James and Jamie by creating a safe and encouraging experience! Best news is my son was in bed at 8 completely out without any struggle:-) Looking forward to next school holidays!

My daughter has spent the last 3 days at The Green Outdoors and has loved every second of it! She didn’t know anyone at all before she went and now has made friends for life. I can’t recommend this highly enough! The staff are fun, motivating, caring and full of fabulous ideas and energy. My daughter can’t wait to go back. Thanks so much from a happy mum and very happy 10 year old!

Great holiday club staffed by passionate and professional staff. Loads of outdoor activities of the kind that children don’t generally seem to get do.. Building shelters and playing wide games in the park. My son really enjoyed the week and came back exhausted… Would highly recommend.

Fantastic club! My daughter went for 4 days of the summer and loved every moment. Leaders were wonderful and something different every day. The range of activities was fantastic and the treks and outdoor cooking were amazing. Highly recommend

My daughter loved the camp! What a great way to get kids outside and having fun in the fresh air. Hikes, camp fires, making wristbands and playing games were highlights. She is looking forward to doing the half term camp. Thank you..

My son has had a fantastic time here and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s child likes being outside and learning new things. Can’t thank the staff enough

According to our 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son this was the best holiday club they have ever been too, “amazing” was the verdict. Great mix of activities,

My kids LOVED their 2 days at the Green Outdoors – I could not get them to leave at pickup! Extremely well-organised outdoor fun and all the benefits this brings!