The Green Outdoors team leaders are:

Nigel : Father and Cub Scout leader, lover of wildlife, keen bird watcher, sports fan –
most likely to say “wow, a Pied Wagtail”
least likely to say “that picture needs more glitter”.

James : Father and Scout leader, always outdoors and looking for the next sport to try –
most likely to say “it’s only a 6-mile hike”
least likely to say “I’m certain that’s a Reed Warbler”.

Jamie : Father and Scout leader, resourceful, keen sense of fun, fisherman and runner –
most likely to say “We can definitely build that”
least likely to say “it’s only a 6-mile hike”.

The key to engaging with young people are communication, empathy and openness, understanding the balance between fun and discipline and nature and nurture.

Children are wonderful company, they are energetic, vivacious, curious, humorous and full of life, an absolute joy to be with.